Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Like Your Garden!

We Like Your Garden!

Did you receive an invitation to join our 3rd Annual FoPo Garden Tour?

What sort of work does being on the tour entail?

Really, all you have to do is have fun in your garden! It's O.K. if you don't remember the names of the plants or have a half finished project, this is an informal friendly way to meet some of your neighbors and show your FoPo pride!

Also, you will write a couple of lines about your garden and choose a category (formal, edible, sustainable, eclectic...) for us to publish on the tour map. These maps will be available at local business or by email sign up the week before the tour.

The day before, we will deliver a sign for your yard and a colorful balloon that marks the host gardens.

You might be wondering, as a host, how will I see the other gardens?

We are planning an "after tour" outing for interested hosts. We will meet and travel the neighborhood together, visiting the gardens and ending at the home of gracious host gardener Donnie. He will fire up his massive outdoor oven so we can all enjoy homemade pizza, complimented by sweets and drinks of your liking!

Also, as a host gardener or visitor, you are encouraged to enter the fabulous FoPo garden tour raffle. Local business will be donating prizes for the lucky winners at our pizza party drawing.

With just five weeks to the big date, we hope to get everyone signed up soon! Please email your reply to And please, if we missed a passionate gardener on your block, let us know! There are many beautiful backyard gardens we miss:)

Donnie's spectactular outdoor oven!

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