Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sign-up for this year's Foster Powell Garden Tour; June 21, 2014

Hello there FoPo neighbors...
it is time to get ready for this year's Garden Tour...
The date is always the 3rd Saturday in June, so this year that means, Saturday, June 21st.
We will keep the timing the same as last year...
West half of neighborhood, the Foster-Powell junction to 66th will be 10AM-1PM
67th to 82nd will be 1PM-4PM.

If you are interested in being a HOST Garden and will be available during the CORRECT Time for your address on Saturday, June 21st...then please follow the below link to complete the Questionnaire NO LATER than Wednesday, April 30th!!!
Please keep your Yard Descriptions short ant sweet, under 30 words, so we can get everything on our map.

This year, we are asking every Yard host to collect at LEAST one donation for our Raffle. The Raffle will be a fundraiser to help with the costs of putting on this FREE Public Garden Tour Event.
If you can collect More than one donation, that is EVEN Better!
Donations are preferred as Gift Cards, that way we can easily mail them out to winners and they require the winner to go back to the business giving the donation.
We encourage donations from all our local neighborhood businesses but we accept donations

Also, we are looking for Volunteers to help with the planning and coordination of this annual Neighborhood Event. If you would like to volunteer your time and skills, please let us know by responding to his email.

Lastly, if you know a Foster-Powell neighbor that was not on the tour last year but might be interested this year or is new to the neighborhood, please forward this email to them. To Participate they do need to be within the Foster Powell Neighborhood Boundary... that is between Foster and Powell Blvd up to 82nd Ave.
They do not need to show their whole yard...they can do just the back or just the front or the whole yard. There are no Garden/Yard qualifications to meet, all yards and encouraged, especially if you are proud of the work you have done to your yard.

This event is meant to actively engage neighbors, to introduce and showcase our neighborhood to the public, and to share gardening ideas and inspiration!