This site is dedicated to the gardening community of Foster Powell neighborhood in SE Portland, OR.  
Your yards inspire an evening stroll and create natural habitats for flora, fauna and wildlife to flourish.

Thanks for your part in creating a beautiful place to call home!


in 2007, a small group of passionate gardeners envisioned a humble garden tour to celebrate community and the home grown beauty of a backyard garden.

Their vision has grown into an over 40 yard/garden tour in 2012 and over 55 in 2013... we couldn't be more proud!
Although we are a group of mostly small lot yards, we are big on personality, heart, and green dreams.

A special thanks to our generous Garden Tour sponsors for their continued support of our raffle prize drawing, which for the 2014 Tour will become a fundraising part of the tour to help keep the tour going and the cists at a minimum.

So be sure to save the date each year for the Third Saturday in June, rain or shine to get inspired by the green beauty within Foster-Powell!